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After a pretty hectic 2017 I shall be devoting much of this year to promoting an exciting new and original book to be published by Lion Books on 23 March.

Cover The Queen Heretic

This moving and remarkable dual biography not only tells the stories of two women of faith; it casts light on some of the more obscure aspects of the English Reformation: How did Protestantism spread among the ruling classes? How did Henry VIII’s last queen champion ‘heretical’ beliefs and live to tell the tale? How did Catherine Parr and Anne Askew become the first English women to publish books under their own name and what did they say? The story takes readers from the calm years before the king began his campaign to have his first marriage annulled and gathers pace through the northern rebellion of 1536-7, the mounting persecution of religious reformers, the intrigues and faction-fighting in the royal court, to the nail-biting climax of July 1546 which brought Anne to the stake and nearly brought Catherine to the block.

Details of the promo tour will be posted here. If you would like me to speak at a particular event please send me details a.s.a.p. to