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Delighted that SPCK, a long-established and expanding Christian publishing house has approached me to take on an exciting project (under wraps at the moment).



2017 – A Year of Anniversaries

Reformation 500: On 31 October 1517 Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses that sparked the biggest spiritual and cultural revolution in our history.

50 Years an Author: In January 1967 I signed the first contract which set me on my career as a professional author.

I am going to be very busy celebrating both these events.


This year’s main publication (25 May) will be:
Superstition and Science: The story of an incredibly creative three centuries (1450-1750) during which religion, philosophy and science carried the human spirit on a remarkable voyage of discovery. Thinkers as diverse as Luther and Hume, Galileo and Pascal, Paracelsus and Wesley, Harvey and Newton and a host of others were grappling with magic, science, religion and philosophy (Did you know that Newton wrote more about the second coming of Christ than he did about gravity?). This was an era of amazing discoveries in medicine, astronomy and physics.

Magazine Articles

As a frequent contributor to History Today, BBC History Magazine and History of Royals I will be publishing several features relating to major aspects of 16th century history including:

  • Evil May Day, 1517 (History Today, May)
  • The Fall of Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, 1549 (BBC History Magazine, May)
  • Catherine of Aragon (History of Royals, May)

Talks and Signings

I have been invited to speak on 50 Years a Published Author: at University of the Third Age groups in Plympton, Salisbury, Crewkerne, Taunton, Chippenham, and Tavistock.

In May and October I will be on tour with Alison Weir talking about Thomas Cromwell. Other private venues will include Radley College and the Oxford and Cambridge Club.

Major Public Meetings

  • 16-20 October: Reformation Spirituality conference at Lee Abbey, Devon
  • 1 November: Leicester Cathedral – Women of the Reformation
  • 8 November: Guildford Cathedral – Study Day on the English Reformation

To enquire about details or to arrange bookings, please email me in the first instance:

Derek talk“I can recommend Derek Wilson as an excellent, thought-provoking speaker. In his lecture on Hans Holbein to the British Museum Society, he revealed an aspect of the Reformation which was new to many of our members: utterly fascinating and even more intellectually exciting than I had hoped! I had many appreciative comments from those present afterwards and we look forward to his return.”
Fiona Burtt, British Museum Society