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For history lovers who like their stories well founded in fact. Titles marked with an asterisk are available in ebook.

The current series of mid 16th C crime novels features the adventures and misadventures of Thomas Treviot, London goldsmith. They are fast-paced adventures in the seamy underworld (and overworld) of Tudor England. What distinguishes them from other period crime novels is that each one is based on a real life mystery.


The Devil’s Chalice* Number Three in the series


In the hot summer of 1549 two men were locked up in the Tower of London - one for the attempted murder of his uncle, the other for practising necromancy. Meanwhile England's second city, Norwich, is in the hands of rebels.


Thomas Treviot is sent by Archbishop Cranmer to interview one of the Tower prisoners to discover his connections with leading courtiers. But Thomas has problems of his own: his teenage son has gone to Norwich to join the rebels. Thomas is pitchforked into a world of malevolent magic and political chicanery.


“The plot grips you to the last”

Amazon Review

“Perfectly balances fact and fiction”

History of Royals


The First Horseman* Number One in the series


In the pre-dawn of a misty November morning, Thomas Packington, one of London’s leading citizens, was shot and killed as he made his way across Cheapside to attend early mass. No-one was ever brought to book for this crime, the earliest assassination with a firearm in British history.


Thomas Treviot is a young London goldsmith and a close family friend of Robert Packington. Through his own upstanding social connections (and some less upstanding acquaintances he has made along the way), Thomas launches a dramatic investigation into Packington’s death.

As Thomas searches for revenge, he must travel from the golden heart of merchant London to the straw-covered backstreets of its poorest districts before reaching the country’s seat of power: the court of King Henry VIII. There he is drawn into a dark conspiracy beyond his wildest imaginings, and claiming justice for his friend starts to look impossible. Especially when Thomas realises that Robert wasn’t the man he thought he knew …


“One of the best page-turners I have read in years. Highly Recommended!”

Alison Weir

“Historical crime fiction at its best…unputdownable would be an understatement”

BookBag review

“Up there with Bernard Cornwell, Michael Arnold, Jack Hight, S.J. Parris and C.J. Sansom. A gripping read!!!!!”

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The Traitor's Mark

The Traitor’s Mark* Number Two in the series


In the autumn of 1543, Hans Holbein, the leading European portrait painter, disappeared in London. What happened to him remains a mystery. At the same time a plot was afoot to bring down Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury. Were these events linked?


Thomas Treviot is again plunged into the murky world of Tudor politics and religion when his friend, Hans Holbein, disappears and his assistant, Bart Miller, is charged with murder. Thomas and friends who will be familiar to readers of The First Horseman are drawn into the political world of a sick and unstable Henry VIII and a nation torn apart by ruthless, rival factions determined to shape England’s identity. Publication 14 March 2015. Available as ebook now.


“A must-read for anyone who enjoys historical thrillers like those of C.J. Sansom”

Claire Ridgway, The Tudor Society

“Thomas Treviot is a marvellous creation”

Amazon review

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