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1961 Graduated from Cambridge University

1963-1973 Teaching – mostly in Kenya

1969 First published book – East Africa Through a Thousand Years

1969-1973 Other school text books published for the African market

1973 A Tudor Tapestry – first trade book published

1973-2015 Sixty more history books – fiction and non-fiction published, including best sellers on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition numerous press articles, radio scripts, TV appearances and public lectures.

So, I have been in the writing business for over 45 years, sharing my passion for history with anyone who cares to read or listen to my words. Fortunately, many still do, which is why I am increasingly busy and am currently working on several projects which will keep me occupied well into the future. Top of the list is the series of Thomas Treviot novels published under the name of D.K. Wilson. If you are not familiar with my books please cast your eyes over these pages and see if there is something to interest you.

If you want to make any comments or raise any questions please email me ( I love to hear from fellow enthusiasts.